An educated, contemplating individual with a mind of [his] own for progressive aspect of life and technology. The stage has come where both are merged in such a way that one cannot live without other.

+ other traits include

AKA Rp with an interest in tinkering Box(es). Mostly self taught. Learning triggered by interest is sustainable other than that everything is momentary. Any thing under the sun ignites me and keeps me going (unnecessary emotion and other unwanted feelings are excluded).I almost always take an existentialist stand or more appropriately life somewhat resembles existentialism (and try not to offend anyone). I have a blog to express when I feel like.

This is a collage of stuffs that I have been thru.

I am always ready to provide a helping hand to those who are willing to help themselves and try to work/play around a bit or more.


Shedding some insight  into what an innocent sounding statement like "play around" implies

  • DIY attitude which includes/inculcates critical/creative thinking
  • Instead of one relying on instant gratification(answer), should rely on searching and trying to figure out solution
  • Try to improve by introspection/retrospection


Smart way of asking Question(s)?

Netizens discretion is advised
There is no obligation whatsoever to takeup GNU/linux .. It's out there to be liked or disliked. In case you like any part of GNU/linux bring out the bugs that are there (best part is to start thinking about how to make it more useful/betterment) rather than whining about it.

Reason for doing stuffs that I do?
Hmmm .. I always wanted to do things that will make me independent/self reliant (don't prefer asking much from the world)..


Unveiling the ambiguous Independent/self-reliant

Most statements are taken at its face value. So without further ado, elucidating on the statement - Independent stands for mind of independence, Independent men of learning; self-reliant stands for self-directed where instead of being supervised takes ones own course of action.


About Gnumen

I won't deny that I haven't put my mind into selecting the name "Gnumen" - It is a derivative, in essence it is a latin word "numen" the meaning of which I have specified in the header so to give it a GNU touch just prefixed it with G :). courtesy freedictionary .

Plans:- Make a place on earth devoid of feelings which make humans miserable. Individualism is encouraged - Be yourself. No need to prove who you are and keep working with the task in hand and are work conscious.

email:- ranjit dot tvm at gmail dot com
physical location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

PGP/GPG Public Key:- Click to view/download

PGP/GPG Fingerprint:- 013B 16A1 7A01 8F1D 360C 17F7 7C7C F727 061D 8921

latitude : 8.54119
longitude : 76.99057

Why a monochromatic theme? - May be I like to see the world in black and white, too much of color makes me go bonkers or its soothing for me. Another factor was being noctornal, which came to me naturally, this theme augmented the darkness around, which stands for quietness, calmness and hopefully less disconnection issue with my BB providers. The fonts are also quiet small for a naked eye but that's the way I like it.

This site makes use or rather was build using tools available in GNU/linux and I attribute this to all the kindhearted people who like to make this planet a better place to live in.

AKA qwakaw, ranit, indiemind

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