Vedanta - quotes

In the whole gamut of Vedanta, there are "wonderfully put" thought provoking statements which no wonder finds its way out of mere texts to real life impressions. Below are very few quotes from manuscript(list the book's title). May be if the list increases, will find a way to sort it out according to the quotes or books, which will be easier so that quotes aren't repeated.
  • One should raise oneself through the self, and never lower oneself; for the self alone is one's friend and the self alone is one's enemy.
  • To him who has conquered the self(body and senses) by his self, the self is his friend; for the uncontrolled man, however, the self alone is adverse like an enemy.
  • The self of one who is self-controlled and serene is alone poised in heat and cold, happiness and misery, as also in honour and dishonour.
  • The yogi whose self is satisfied through knowledge and realization, who is steady and has the senses under control, and to whom a clod of earth, a stone and gold are of equal value, is said to be steadfast.
  • He excels, who looks equally on a well-wisher, a friend, an enemy, a neutral, and arbiter, a hateful person, a relative and also on the good and the sinful.
  • The yogi, with his mind and self(body) subjugated, free from desire, destitute and living alone in solitudes should constantly concentrate his mind.