Dec 2016

DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2 [Grant]

Stage 1(Subclass 309) log here

Stage 2(sublcass 100) Pre-grant log here

Have tried to collect and arrange screenshots as well as PDFs in a squencial manner


Feb 2016

DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2

** Anything to everything that is logged as of now could/would change in few months or years.

Stage 1 - Logged here

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Final grant log here

What to expect while lodging for stage 2 (subclass 100) visa?

Apr 2015

Trip/Migration/Expat to land A

On 5th Mar 2015 after Attugal pongala, took singapore Airlines(silkair) from Terminal 2 International airport Trivandrum at 22:45HRS to Changi Airport (Terminal 3) before hand took a printout of the changi Airport layout just to see how things roll there(as suggested by PN). There are skytrains as well as shuttle bus available to traverse from one terminal to another terminal.
Have packed few computer components in cabin as well as checkin baggage. Had to open it up during X-ray scanning as well as during security check in TVM Airport.

Aug 2013

Why leaders are not needed?

Prerequisites: Need for more of self actualized mortals - with AMP factor 3rd drive
Sectors that make use of such leaders(hip): political, academic, professional, social, public sectors units and what not

With the so called frivolous leadership formula that is regurgitated day in and day out in this planet, it is with mere disdain that no more there is need for any kind of leaders or the various leadership formulation that is bugging this planet.

Jul 2013

15+ years of familiarity


Name: b***(hidden)

Gender: Female

Color: As seen in the image

DoB: Unknown

No. of years lived with one family: 15+

Demise: 29-07-2013

Aug 2012

Repercussions of mindless disharmonious sense gratification - GenX

There should be certain criteria based on which parenthood is allowed, i.e. it should not be allowed to anyone. It is not something that comes easily and most concerning matter is - ignorance breeds faster than intelligence -- literally. The only rule followed by ignorants are, it's happening all around so why not get indulged in such act(s). Great way to be a follower of absurdity.

Aug 2012

Iconoclastic - all the way

order of content

A0 - Questioning
A1 - (Dis)claimer
A2 - About neo-Iconoclasm
A3 - Observation
A4 - About 3K
A5 - Original vs Superficiality
A6 - Alternatives
A7 - Content - unsorted
A8 - Prerequisites

Oct 2011

Idiosyncrasies - Mode of Living

Since whole of this place is purely a subjective one, it doesn't make sense to mention again who or what the subject matter is concerned with. The list will be updated every now and then.

You'll find X


You'll not find X(mostly self-restrictive)


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