Jun 2017

Timetracking using GPX trace file and time zone convertion

One of the small business undertaking (keeping intact the abundantware characteristics, which also forms a medium to gradually transition away from scarcity system and/or characteristics) require time to be logged for various activities (applying for ABN, Business structure, Business name, Trading name, domain name registration,web hosting, URL redirection,flyers, taking photos of items, uploading it in ,procurement, travelling, sales, setting up physical location for sales, researching various options for setting up online,

Mar 2011

GPS tracing using GTA02 u-blox ATR0635 module*

Mostly an interesting indoor activity which when forced to move outdoors can be kept interesting with GTA02 with many apps one of them is NeronGPS. Besure to cache all the places in the memory so it will be handy for on the spot tracking.

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