Mar 2011

GPS tracing using GTA02 u-blox ATR0635 module*

Mostly an interesting indoor activity which when forced to move outdoors can be kept interesting with GTA02 with many apps one of them is NeronGPS. Besure to cache all the places in the memory so it will be handy for on the spot tracking.

Oct 2010

Qt* phone edition - Application development assistance

Qt*/X11(x86), Qt*/qvfb, Qt*/neo(arm)
directory  structure followed are suited for my purpose it's your prerogative to define one of your own
By Qt* the reference is towards Qtmoko/Qtopia/Qt-Extended.
The first two(mentioned below) are for development machine/host machine, while the later is for building Qt applications for target platform.

Running Qt*

Jun 2010

Application development on LiMo device GTA02

Imp:- The term LiMo here has nothing to do with any foundation.. it's out here as a generic term where Linux is used  on a mobile device along with other software stack to provide the needed functionality. 

The steps involved are clearly specified in qtmoko.org. It was a long procedure in my testbed with limited mem.. Even some of the errr as well as the outputs produced by the compilation process are given in quotes as it was important for me how I come to resolve some issues..

Jun 2010

GTA02 as a regular phone - openmoko' ing

Resolved on making use of gta02 as a regular phone.
What better than to make use of (as a regular device and a development env) the device on a regular basis.

It's the only way to get to know the device and getting started with....
Only recently I flashed the gta02 device with qtmoko.. Even brazillion thanks to Radek and team is just too short and insignificant when compared to amt of work that is being carried out. It's really a good work. As I have tested the device with OM2008 and SHR(great work guys ) I liked QtMoko.

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