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Feb 2013

Migrating from one web hosting to another

Challenging oneself is one of the criteria, which one can say that makes one to migrate, apart from that features one would die for.

Feb 2013

Dyn DNS based webhosting using vanity domain

simply explain




Jun 2010

Follow up - Fatal error: Allowed memory size.....

Follow up on the previous blog entry
Until yesterday I presumed without verifying that I have set the php memory limit to 128MB from within drupal in settings.php  in hosting environment as I have done it in my test environment but only when the fatal error msg was displayed I verified the mem limit which was not affected by the changes in the settings.php.

Jan 2010

Obsessed with hits/visits to the website

Am I obsessed with the hits that I recieve for my site?

Nope, but yes I would like to have a clue of what the visitor is looking for? I know that gnumen.org doesn't serve as a purpose for a specific sector, it's out there as a pointer/(not so elaborate)recordkeeping function mainly the keyword(s) associated with the work I am involved in. Just by searching for a required info(based on the keyword) will give an ample amt of results hence avoiding redundancy ;-).
Plagiarism is the last thing in my mind.

Dec 2009

Just when I thought....

It was amazing how to get things done with drupal, the installation, setting the env on gnu/linux. Then moving on to developing a site with the look you want it to have, getting involved with modules, blocks, regions, tpl files, dpm, taxonomy, vocab and many more to get things going... all these in a localhost.
Finally(hope so) the hosting part
localhost -------------> public domain
Involved copying data, exporting and importing mysql data and some tweaking with the settings.php file to get the site up.
Was that it? Couldn't find my url in google search.

Nov 2009

virtual space of my own

This virtual space is designed using drupal atop ext3 fs. The uderlying OS is without doubt GNU/linux.

I never thought of getting a virtual space of my own but then I realized that I was spending unusually  large chunks of my time in front of my box and noting things down on pieces of paper and retrieving it was getting frustating. So it's good get my things organized online :). lets see how this turns out.

Oct 2009

fancy domain names - third level domain names


Query this WHOIS service to look up internet domain name information. This online web tool works for generic top level (gTLD) domains .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO and many (most) other national ccTLD (country code TLDs) domain names by sending a realtime query to specific domain registry whois servers.

Just enter SLD.TLD (top level and second level domains), no "WWW" or other sub-domain data (example: enter example.com, not www.example.com).

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