Apr 2012

Encountering Libre in various Technological sector

Having scribbled about  freedom which was more to do with two legged mammalians in general sense, it was on its way to how this have its impact on Technology and its various sectors. The mere unraveling was the most humbling experience.

Dec 2010

What does Work mean?

The frowned upon ethics followed by the incumbent(moi). Most of the ethic(s) feel(s) like being repeated but are rephrased by keeping in mind the context it is defined.

Aug 2010

Cellulose page vs e-page

It almost becomes a de-facto standard to refer everything on-line for those spending 10+ hrs in the digital world, out of which most is spend on reading e-pages. Then reverting back to cellulose page is like switch from e-mail to snail mail but cellulose book is pretty conspicuous no matter how far you are using computer.

Jan 2010

simple Government task complicated

There is something that in this part of the world won't change at all no matter how much literacy rate.
Scenario ( there shouldn't be this scenario at all) - To construct an extension to an already existing struct

Dec 2009

Programming is fun

This is something that is missing as a whole from larger section in the IT sector. This as a whole is poorly misunderstood way of "business of living" - Pappi pate ka jo sawal hai.
Everyone is so imbibed in the way of living of the relative living of life that they forget  the absolute way of living their own life.
Programming is Fun

Dec 2009

Cloud Application

Dec 2009

With all the (ad)venture, programming taken a backseat

My current list of tasks, which ofcourse is large enough to get me going all through out the year(s). I have deviated a bit from the Qt stuff. Well it is out of neccesity that the lists have to be done.

Nov 2009

LIving ForEver - LIFE

we as a species are never content in a good way.

It's almost as if being opiniated is instilled in us from childhood.

Life - having felt things that no one cares to feel -

Sep 2009

Filmy version of the Open source mania

This is the revised version of the Amitab and me involved in a verbal dual in the film - dewaar

Amitab:- Mere pas gadi hai, bangla hai. bank balance hai tere pas kya hai?

me:- Mere pas GNU/Linux hai

Sep 2009

Wonder why the the new headphones have longer right side wire than the left

The right earplug should go around your neck. HehEhehE. This won't obstruct if your working with your laptop/notebook/netbook with your earplug on. This is a new protocol deviced by the headphone regulation authority :>)

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