Jun 2017

Timetracking using GPX trace file and time zone convertion

One of the small business undertaking (keeping intact the abundantware characteristics, which also forms a medium to gradually transition away from scarcity system and/or characteristics) require time to be logged for various activities (applying for ABN, Business structure, Business name, Trading name, domain name registration,web hosting, URL redirection,flyers, taking photos of items, uploading it in ,procurement, travelling, sales, setting up physical location for sales, researching various options for setting up online,

Feb 2013

Encountering the rewrite voodoo

simple example





Mar 2010

CKEditor and image uploading feature

Just with the installation of ckeditor the image upload option is not available, install IMCE and then edit the ckeditor.config.js in which uncomment the following lines

//config.extraPlugins += (config.extraPlugins ? ',imce' : 'imce' );
//CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('imce', Drupal.settings.ckeditor.module_path + '/plugins/imce/');

In order to add the toolbar button, simply add



Mar 2010

Multisite vs Multiple site

Just another set of terms for deranged mind from deranged mind. It's nothing but
1. one drupal instance hosting multiple site and
2. multiple site hosted on different instance of drupal
Some call instance as code base ... it's OK if the terms don't confuse you.
various materials are there on the topic with really easy set of instruction(s) to carry out the task.

Jan 2010

Obsessed with hits/visits to the website

Am I obsessed with the hits that I recieve for my site?

Nope, but yes I would like to have a clue of what the visitor is looking for? I know that gnumen.org doesn't serve as a purpose for a specific sector, it's out there as a pointer/(not so elaborate)recordkeeping function mainly the keyword(s) associated with the work I am involved in. Just by searching for a required info(based on the keyword) will give an ample amt of results hence avoiding redundancy ;-).
Plagiarism is the last thing in my mind.

Jan 2010

Changing only the setup of blog in drupal

After some tweeking the layout of some contents like tag cloud, archivelist where included in the blog in consistent with the site theme.
One important point is for each module one can create a tpl file like for blog I created node-blog.tpl.php and do whatever comes in your mind.
Thanx to mustardseedmedia.com

Dec 2009

Just when I thought....

It was amazing how to get things done with drupal, the installation, setting the env on gnu/linux. Then moving on to developing a site with the look you want it to have, getting involved with modules, blocks, regions, tpl files, dpm, taxonomy, vocab and many more to get things going... all these in a localhost.
Finally(hope so) the hosting part
localhost -------------> public domain
Involved copying data, exporting and importing mysql data and some tweaking with the settings.php file to get the site up.
Was that it? Couldn't find my url in google search.

Dec 2009

Localhost to public domain

Uploading the files from your HDD to remote site is fairly simple, use ftp, scp. Copy these files in the document root
Now with the transferring of info in the database (MySQL), export the tables in your database using phpmyadmin and then import them in the public domain using the phpmyadmin.
Before that remember to create a database and the user.
change the mysql entry in the settings.php file and that's it you are ready with you virtual space

Nov 2009

Grouping and Aggregation capability introduced in views2 of drupal

Wanted to create a view which made use of group by and count function. But the view default had no such capabilty so and additional module was introduced in an ever growing list of module.

the views group by module


It worked fine :)

will try to give something back one day.

Nov 2009

virtual space of my own

This virtual space is designed using drupal atop ext3 fs. The uderlying OS is without doubt GNU/linux.

I never thought of getting a virtual space of my own but then I realized that I was spending unusually  large chunks of my time in front of my box and noting things down on pieces of paper and retrieving it was getting frustating. So it's good get my things organized online :). lets see how this turns out.

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