Apr 2012

Encountering Libre in various Technological sector

Having scribbled about  freedom which was more to do with two legged mammalians in general sense, it was on its way to how this have its impact on Technology and its various sectors. The mere unraveling was the most humbling experience.

Mar 2011

GPS tracing using GTA02 u-blox ATR0635 module*

Mostly an interesting indoor activity which when forced to move outdoors can be kept interesting with GTA02 with many apps one of them is NeronGPS. Besure to cache all the places in the memory so it will be handy for on the spot tracking.

Jun 2010

GTA02 as a regular phone - openmoko' ing

Resolved on making use of gta02 as a regular phone.
What better than to make use of (as a regular device and a development env) the device on a regular basis.

It's the only way to get to know the device and getting started with....
Only recently I flashed the gta02 device with qtmoko.. Even brazillion thanks to Radek and team is just too short and insignificant when compared to amt of work that is being carried out. It's really a good work. As I have tested the device with OM2008 and SHR(great work guys ) I liked QtMoko.

Jun 2010

Opening up of the mobile technology - openmoko' ing

Feels like having the whole world in one's hand

It's just how you want to perceive anything - It's basically all about what you want to do with the phone - if it's just a basic phone function that one is looking for then better go for other phone set available in the market.

Oct 2009

What's important in the arena of FLOSS

It's very important to realise the truth that no one to everyone is not soo familiar with everything under the FLOSS. Always work your own way out and don't think that you will get an instant answer to any query that you post.

Sep 2009

Filmy version of the Open source mania

This is the revised version of the Amitab and me involved in a verbal dual in the film - dewaar

Amitab:- Mere pas gadi hai, bangla hai. bank balance hai tere pas kya hai?

me:- Mere pas GNU/Linux hai

Sep 2009

Thanx to closed source movement -> appreciate the open source culture

As far as I know the programmes of yesteryear(beginnig stage of comp) were written keeping in mind that the person using it should know what is written but only at the latter stage when the money making became the main proposition - the man took over the freedom to view the source code until then "the man" did not realise the value of the freedom that they were having but only when clamp down on source code occured it came to realise about it.

Sep 2009

GNU/Linux - State of mind and related stuff

Selecting GNU/Linux is arbitrary(individual discretion). It's completely based on the liking for the subject. Be prepared to be silent to remarks/suggestion/queries like "what are you doing" because almost all those won't even have a clue when you openup your approach. Don't worry about your existence. Getting intimated by the amount of the info explosion is usual and get over it by looking at the src code. :)


Sep 2009

Not copyrighted..... Sharing

Nothing here is copyrighted Anything under the hood is sharable. Willingness to share or being benevolent has it's own drawback -

Sep 2009

Open Source tools

Just get a hang of the tool that you are using, for that don't expect anyone to sit along with. Keep reading anything you can get your hands on. Have patience and make use of google

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