Sep 2017

Airtel titbits

Number retention scheme:- Services to the SIM card will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e. no Voice / Video call (Outgoing or Incoming) or an outgoing SMS or a Data session or usage of Value Added Services for a continuous period of 90 days. Customer with more than Rs 20 account balance shall be charged Rs 20 for 30 days for automatic service extension. This process will be repeated till such time the minimum amount in customers account is more than Rs 20. At any point of time, if the balance is less than Rs 20 the services will be disconnected.
Mar 2017

Transfer overseas license to NSW license

Scheme devised for any new wannabe driver is GLS(Graduated Licensing Scheme)
Scheme devised for Overseas license holder to drive on Land A(NSW) Roads

Dec 2016

DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2 [Grant]

Stage 1(Subclass 309) log here

Stage 2(sublcass 100) Pre-grant log here

Have tried to collect and arrange screenshots as well as PDFs in a squencial manner


May 2016

Paying property tax online - Bangaluru(2016 - 2017)

Did not have to fill in the complete information as some of the details of property were retrieved from base year application(i.e 2008 - 2015). The zone classification is provided in two separate pdf file for both 2008 - 2015 and latest 2016 - 2017. In our case only had to provide the zonal classification of the property under 2016-17. It calculated the cap on zone all by itself.

It was straight forward step from there on. 

Feb 2016

DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2

** Anything to everything that is logged as of now could/would change in few months or years.

Stage 1 - Logged here

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Final grant log here

What to expect while lodging for stage 2 (subclass 100) visa?

Apr 2015

Trip/Migration/Expat to land A

On 5th Mar 2015 after Attugal pongala, took singapore Airlines(silkair) from Terminal 2 International airport Trivandrum at 22:45HRS to Changi Airport (Terminal 3) before hand took a printout of the changi Airport layout just to see how things roll there(as suggested by PN). There are skytrains as well as shuttle bus available to traverse from one terminal to another terminal.
Have packed few computer components in cabin as well as checkin baggage. Had to open it up during X-ray scanning as well as during security check in TVM Airport.

Feb 2015

DIY - Family - Partner visa - Offshore temporary and permanent - Subclass 309/100 - Stage 1*

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Pre-grant process Logged here

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Grant logged here

May 2014

DIY - Visitor visa – tourist stream (visa subclass 600) – offsore/outside australia

DIBP - Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Aug 2013

Why leaders are not needed?

Prerequisites: Need for more of self actualized mortals - with AMP factor 3rd drive
Sectors that make use of such leaders(hip): political, academic, professional, social, public sectors units and what not

With the so called frivolous leadership formula that is regurgitated day in and day out in this planet, it is with mere disdain that no more there is need for any kind of leaders or the various leadership formulation that is bugging this planet.

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