Dec 2009

Cloud Application

Dec 2009

With all the (ad)venture, programming taken a backseat

My current list of tasks, which ofcourse is large enough to get me going all through out the year(s). I have deviated a bit from the Qt stuff. Well it is out of neccesity that the lists have to be done.

Dec 2009

Just when I thought....

It was amazing how to get things done with drupal, the installation, setting the env on gnu/linux. Then moving on to developing a site with the look you want it to have, getting involved with modules, blocks, regions, tpl files, dpm, taxonomy, vocab and many more to get things going... all these in a localhost.
Finally(hope so) the hosting part
localhost -------------> public domain
Involved copying data, exporting and importing mysql data and some tweaking with the settings.php file to get the site up.
Was that it? Couldn't find my url in google search.

Dec 2009

Configuring the mail client - Evolution

Specify the email address
Select the receiving email server as POP and specify the server -
In place of the username give (don't just specify the XXXX also give the domain name)
Select the sending email server as SMTP and specify the server - No.
In place of the username give (don't just specify the XXXX also give the domain name)

Thats it

Dec 2009

Localhost to public domain

Uploading the files from your HDD to remote site is fairly simple, use ftp, scp. Copy these files in the document root
Now with the transferring of info in the database (MySQL), export the tables in your database using phpmyadmin and then import them in the public domain using the phpmyadmin.
Before that remember to create a database and the user.
change the mysql entry in the settings.php file and that's it you are ready with you virtual space

Nov 2009

Grouping and Aggregation capability introduced in views2 of drupal

Wanted to create a view which made use of group by and count function. But the view default had no such capabilty so and additional module was introduced in an ever growing list of module.

the views group by module

It worked fine :)

will try to give something back one day.

Nov 2009

Other day involved in changing the port of apache

It was a simple task of accesssing the webpage from different box in a lan env, but for some crappy reason the wa3002g4 router won't allow the traffic to pass.Igniting the grey matter and a bit of googling found that most of the port in the router is blocked and those allowed are 80 and some other predefined services like tftp, telnet. The port 80 is reserved by the router to access the webadmin page. So thought of changing the port of my webserver to 8080.

NB:- I was able to ping between two boxes. Hmmmm

sudo vi /etc/apache2/ports.conf

Nov 2009

LIving ForEver - LIFE

we as a species are never content in a good way.

It's almost as if being opiniated is instilled in us from childhood.

Life - having felt things that no one cares to feel -

Nov 2009

Whoami revisited

It's bit tricky how you perceive yourself. It can be either how the world looks at you or how you look upon yourself?

Nov 2009

virtual space of my own

This virtual space is designed using drupal atop ext3 fs. The uderlying OS is without doubt GNU/linux.

I never thought of getting a virtual space of my own but then I realized that I was spending unusually  large chunks of my time in front of my box and noting things down on pieces of paper and retrieving it was getting frustating. So it's good get my things organized online :). lets see how this turns out.

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