Mar 2010

Multisite vs Multiple site

Just another set of terms for deranged mind from deranged mind. It's nothing but
1. one drupal instance hosting multiple site and
2. multiple site hosted on different instance of drupal
Some call instance as code base ... it's OK if the terms don't confuse you.
various materials are there on the topic with really easy set of instruction(s) to carry out the task.

Mar 2010

Resolving some Err.....

404 not found error

After copying drupal content to the httpdocs  the site was behaving not as needed so got rid of the drupal content and with the initial set of file was getting "404 not found error"
The requested URL / was not found on this server.

referring the /var/log/apache2/error.log showed
[mon Mar 01...][error][client] file does not exist: /var/www/

after having a look in /etc/apache2/site-available

Mar 2010

setting up a realtime sandbox env....

Anyone involved in any sort of development do know that the sandbox environment is one which they relish setting up. As a kid I remember my father always stressing that in a mathematical problem the answer will revert back to the question hence give importance to the testing may be that's the reason I always got first class (+60%) all thru out the academic career because I was invoved in testing the answer, resulting in not answering the whole questions.:)

Feb 2010

wished for a ginnie

It wasn't much of an affort to convert a white box into black box running the much needed recipie of disaster. The whole day passed setting up the box and installing the much needed environment. Forgot to mention that the motherboard was pretty old but was a beauty when the needed resources where provided. There are times when I wished I could have a ginnie at my disposal to carry out the niche task.

The old mother board was needing 20pin connector while the ATX cabinet was having 24

Jan 2010

Obsessed with hits/visits to the website

Am I obsessed with the hits that I recieve for my site?

Nope, but yes I would like to have a clue of what the visitor is looking for? I know that doesn't serve as a purpose for a specific sector, it's out there as a pointer/(not so elaborate)recordkeeping function mainly the keyword(s) associated with the work I am involved in. Just by searching for a required info(based on the keyword) will give an ample amt of results hence avoiding redundancy ;-).
Plagiarism is the last thing in my mind.

Jan 2010

Changing only the setup of blog in drupal

After some tweeking the layout of some contents like tag cloud, archivelist where included in the blog in consistent with the site theme.
One important point is for each module one can create a tpl file like for blog I created node-blog.tpl.php and do whatever comes in your mind.
Thanx to

Jan 2010

simple Government task complicated

There is something that in this part of the world won't change at all no matter how much literacy rate.
Scenario ( there shouldn't be this scenario at all) - To construct an extension to an already existing struct

Dec 2009

version0.1 of Existentialism

There is always an overlapping condition that will negate certain aspects of doctrine that you have but mostly it's the choice that you make or the prior decisions that had been made for you but even then your choice is of utmost importance. It may be in the desperate situation that you allow yourself to think about whats going on and that's what is a bold, invigorating approach towards life.

Dec 2009

What is Help....

I am more than willing to help anyone and I expect that help shouldn't be taken for granted. Don't expect that the help will arrive at your place - If you can do it with google then don't even bother to read further.

Dec 2009

Programming is fun

This is something that is missing as a whole from larger section in the IT sector. This as a whole is poorly misunderstood way of "business of living" - Pappi pate ka jo sawal hai.
Everyone is so imbibed in the way of living of the relative living of life that they forget  the absolute way of living their own life.
Programming is Fun

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