Feb 2013

Encountering the rewrite voodoo

simple example





Aug 2012

Repercussions of mindless disharmonious sense gratification - GenX

There should be certain criteria based on which parenthood is allowed, i.e. it should not be allowed to anyone. It is not something that comes easily and most concerning matter is - ignorance breeds faster than intelligence -- literally. The only rule followed by ignorants are, it's happening all around so why not get indulged in such act(s). Great way to be a follower of absurdity.

Aug 2012

Iconoclastic - all the way

order of content

A0 - Questioning
A1 - (Dis)claimer
A2 - About neo-Iconoclasm
A3 - Observation
A4 - About 3K
A5 - Original vs Superficiality
A6 - Alternatives
A7 - Content - unsorted
A8 - Prerequisites

Apr 2012

Encountering Libre in various Technological sector

Having scribbled about  freedom which was more to do with two legged mammalians in general sense, it was on its way to how this have its impact on Technology and its various sectors. The mere unraveling was the most humbling experience.

Nov 2011

Journey from customizable software to hardware --> Read

It all began with an x86 based machine, form factor : ATX of course a desktop machine. In real life one starts small and grows big but related to technology it was the  other way round.
Some misinterpret software customization as mere customization of desktop which is also a form of customization but the real software customization is the Operating system that is customized based on the SoC like the one for GTA02  which includes the whole bunch of it like

Oct 2011

Idiosyncrasies - Mode of Living

Since whole of this place is purely a subjective one, it doesn't make sense to mention again who or what the subject matter is concerned with. The list will be updated every now and then.

You'll find X


You'll not find X(mostly self-restrictive)


Apr 2011

microSDHC card behaving unusual**

Happen to partition the mmc into 5 partitions 3p +2extended but later on with some tweaking in the fstab wasn't able to mount the swap partition, not only that the fdisk /dev/mmcblk0 was not showing any partition with p switch (the mmc was detected properly by the kernel used dmesg|grep mmc and also the /dev was populated by created partitions ) . so commented the mmcblk partition in fstab and restarted the device which enabled to see the partition in fdisk - no idea why it behaved that way. So again formatted mmc card into 4 primary partition. lets see what happens now.

Mar 2011

GPS tracing using GTA02 u-blox ATR0635 module*

Mostly an interesting indoor activity which when forced to move outdoors can be kept interesting with GTA02 with many apps one of them is NeronGPS. Besure to cache all the places in the memory so it will be handy for on the spot tracking.

Dec 2010

Harping on freedom

Freedom <---> control <----> responsibility

Dec 2010

What does Work mean?

The frowned upon ethics followed by the incumbent(moi). Most of the ethic(s) feel(s) like being repeated but are rephrased by keeping in mind the context it is defined.

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