May 2014

DIY - Visitor visa – tourist stream (visa subclass 600) – offsore/outside australia

DIBP - Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Aug 2013

Why leaders are not needed?

Prerequisites: Need for more of self actualized mortals - with AMP factor 3rd drive
Sectors that make use of such leaders(hip): political, academic, professional, social, public sectors units and what not

With the so called frivolous leadership formula that is regurgitated day in and day out in this planet, it is with mere disdain that no more there is need for any kind of leaders or the various leadership formulation that is bugging this planet.

Jul 2013

15+ years of familiarity


Name: b***(hidden)

Gender: Female

Color: As seen in the image

DoB: Unknown

No. of years lived with one family: 15+

Demise: 29-07-2013

Feb 2013

some useful portal to wonderland

Anyone would kill to have a shell access and thats what is providing. Almost all the task have been accomplished using the shell service, associated services and a bit of UI called phpmyadmin. Just that there is a 4HRS time limit for the shell access window to close, for security purpose they say.

Different host names

Feb 2013

Importing repository in (classic & new project)

Diving straight into Gibraltar.

classic sourceforge svn repo =
new sf project = /home/svn/p/projectname/mountpoint/

Before using svnadmin dump be sure to create intial repo using svnadmin create or else it will display an error somewhat similar to
"svnadmin: Can't open file '<foldername>/format': No such file or directory"

Feb 2013

Exporting node type blog

There might be lot many other options available to do this but I felt like doing it this way

Getting accustomed to database table which makes use of the blog content.
Name the tables

Executing the queries at the mysql prompt (link to ncsu) to get the desired result, then executing the sql commands in phpmyadmin interface and exporting the result.

Feb 2013

Migrating from one web hosting to another

Challenging oneself is one of the criteria, which one can say that makes one to migrate, apart from that features one would die for.

Feb 2013

Drupal jujubi's

This should have been the first topic in this place which made use of drupal as the CMS. Now it is here because lately I have migrated from one web hosting to another[with screenshot of intodns ]; which almost made me do everything other than keeping the blog content same, reason was to make use of only 32MB space for php memory limit(asked for 64MB php memory limit from the previous hoster). Hopefully I am reproducing everything as experienced or else drupal will display necessary hints on what to do next.

a) Installing drupal(localhost)

Feb 2013

Dyn DNS based webhosting using vanity domain

simply explain




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