Having a wysiwyg editor - fckeditor

Sep 2009

Setting up fckeditor was a cake walk. There are so many types available for  the wysiwyg editor some of them are

and one may get stuck which one to opt for - work your way out. Doesn't matter how. If atall you can make a log of how you got over your hurdle. It may help others as well as you and will save precious time if you encounter the same again.

I started out with one and wasn't much to frown upon. But the image insertion almost took twice as much time to get working

The remedy that I took was in the following links





To be precise

After installing the FCKeditor at the time of inserting image the file browser window along with an error like

"Error creating folder - redirect: /index.php"(cannot create redirect:directory)

use to popup.

check in the administer>>site configuration>>file browser setting

file browser is the default file browser

path to uploaded files:  %b%f/

absolute path to uploaded files: %d%b%f/

Inside the /drupal-6.13/sites/all/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php file edit the following

global $Config ;
// SECURITY: You must explicitly enable this "connector". (Set it to "true").
// WARNING: don't just set "$Config['Enabled'] = true ;", you must be sure that only
//        authenticated users can access this file or use some kind of session checking.
$Config['Enabled'] = true ;
// Path to user files relative to the document root.
$Config['UserFilesPath'] = '/drupal-6.13/sites/default/files/' ;
// Fill the following value it you prefer to specify the absolute path for the
// user files directory. Useful if you are using a virtual directory, symbolic
// link or alias. Examples: 'C:\\MySite\\userfiles\\' or '/root/mysite/userfiles/'.
// Attention: The above 'UserFilesPath' must point to the same directory.
$Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] = '/var/www/drupal-6.13/sites/default/files/' ;

The screen shot of a page having image embeded inside using fckeditor