DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2 [Grant]

Dec 2016

Stage 1(Subclass 309) log here

Stage 2(sublcass 100) Pre-grant log here

Have tried to collect and arrange screenshots as well as PDFs in a squencial manner


(Used LibreOffice Draw and Gimp)

On 24/11/2016 received a mail from requesting for more information (Australian Federal Police - National Police certificate)

Screenshot of the email along with the two PDF embedded here

NPC online Application form

Some of the prerequisites as given in the online NPC application portal of AFP (
Applicant should have access to

  • valid debit/credit card
  • email address for confirmation of submission and subsequent communication
  • ability to print and scan documents in jpg, pdf or tif formats with each file being no more than 4MB in size.

Preparation of identification documents

Before proceeding with your online application, be sure to keep the 100 point worth of identification documents readily scanned.


As specified in the portal
In step 3 - you'll need to download, print, sign, scan(into jpg, pdf or tif format) and upload your consent form
In step 4 - you'll be uploading the scanned identification documents.

Screeshots of various AFP NPC online process

AFP NPC Consent form

Amount to be paid is 42AUD

An autogenerated mail from AFP - Application received with receipt. ** Be sure to forward it to as instructed in the pdf

Screenshot of the autogenerated mail as well as the receipt in pdf format is included

After AFP NPC is processed, you'll receive an email

It will take snail mail about 3-7 working days within Au and 10-20 working days for international post.

Scanned img of AFP NPC

Got the color scanned copy of NPC certified [Few forum threads recommend non certified color scan copy]

Various screenshots of immi Online at the time of uploading the AFP NPC

On 13th Dec 2016 Notification of grant was received via email

Screeshot of email and grant notification in pdf

Days between logement and visa grant - refer the link

Note:- Reason behind logging various experiences be it personal or tech related is to
- keep log of events and
- in case someone wants to get an overview of what's installed.
- one way to promote abundance(in extremely miniscule way) is to share what one knows(it's all upto ones volition, no unnecessary advice intended here)