DIY - Permanent Partner visa - Subclass 100 - Stage 2

Feb 2016

** Anything to everything that is logged as of now could/would change in few months or years.

Stage 1 - Logged here

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Final grant log here

What to expect while lodging for stage 2 (subclass 100) visa?

Lodging for subclass 100 (stage 2) is somewhat similar to (stage 1) subclass 309 temporary/provisional  . Also the URL for DIAC has changed and few other broken links have been updated in the prev log. This time have embedded the PDF in the log along with the attachment which can be downloaded.

The domain name changed from to but the online remains the same. 
Screenshots of the various pages after logging in the online immi account ( is submitted. This will give a clear cut idea of what to expect. Given that all these information is or might be provided in
On 11/11/2015 received an auto generated message
Email content quoted below.
Permanent Partner Request for Information [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Australian Government
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
This is an automatically generated message
Client ID: 000000000106 
Application ID:  0000000037 
Dear Ranjit  Pillai
Your application for a Class BC (Partner - Migrant) (subclass 100) visa will be eligible for consideration two years after your date of lodgement, 19/01/2014.
To process your application we require additional information, about your circumstances for the period since you were granted the temporary partner visa. 
Detailed information on how to apply for your permanent partner visa is available at
There are two ways to submit the required documentation, either Online or by Post. Please refer to the attached step guide for further information.
Please note: Online applications will require access to a scanner or digital camera to attach supporting documentation to your application. You will also need your Application ID and Lodgement date, which can be located at the top of this letter.
Processing times
Please be aware that all applications are processed by lodgement date order and that Individual processing times will vary depending on a range of factors. While we are unable to provide a definitive timeframe for processing, please be assured that your application will be processed as soon as possible. 
Withdrawing your application or sponsorship
If you would like to withdraw your application you should do so in writing from an authorised e-mail address, or by post.
Please refer to the Step Guide attached to this letter for more detailed information.
Yours sincerely
Partner (Permanent) Processing Centre Brisbane
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
29 October 2015
Attachments: Step Guide
(See attached file: Step Guide October 2015.pdf)
Important Notice: The content of this email is intended only for use by the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. If you have received this email by mistake, please advise the sender and delete the message and attachments immediately.  This email, including attachments, may contain confidential, sensitive, legally privileged and/or copyright information.  
Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited.  DIBP respects your privacy and has obligations under the Privacy Act 1988.  
Unsolicited commercial emails MUST NOT be sent to the originator of this email.
File “Step Guide October 2015.pdf “ is embedded below.

Information for Permanent Partner Visa application as well as checklist is also provided below

The stage 2 visa assessment online form is(almost) same as the stage 1 applicant form. It also requires the statement about current relationship(after granting of subclass visa 309) and supporting documents/evidence which includes the following sections.
  • Financial evidence of your relationship
  • The nature of the household
  • Social context of the relationship
  • The nature of your commitment to each other
  • Details of the development of the relationship from the date the applicant was granted the temporary visa.

In the, document types in each evidence type is listed below with screenshots

Evidence type -

Financial aspects of the relationship, Evidence of

Document type -

  • Asset ownership documentation – joint
  • Financial statements – joint
  • Household bills and expenses – joint
  • Legal documentation – joint
  • Liability documentation – joint
  • Other(specify)
  • Property ownership documentation – joint

Evidence type -

Nature of the couple’s mutual commitment to each other, Evidence of

Document type –

  • Legal will
  • Other(specify)
  • Record of contact while apart(phone, email, etc)
  • Statement regarding future plans
  • Statutory declaration
  • Superannuation document

Evidence type -

Nature of the couple’s household, Evidence of

Document type -

  • Mail – joint
  • Lease agreement/Rent statement
  • Letter/statement – landlord
  • Mail – joint
  • Mortgage document
  • Other(specify)
  • Record of joint responsibility for care of children
  • Statement regarding housework responsibilities
  • Statutory declaration
  • Tax document
  • Telephone bill
  • Utilities Notice

Evidence type -

Social aspects of the relationship, Evidence of

Document type –

  • Cultural, community, religious or sporting membership documentation – joint
  • Declaration of relationship with government authorities
  • Invitations – Joint
  • Other (specify)
  • Photograph – other
  • Record of joint friends and social networks
  • Record of social events and activities
  • Statutory declaration
  • Travel tickets
  • Travel itinerary – joint


Screenshot of pages in stage 2 Permanent Partner visa assessment( is included to make things clear. It’s a pretty straight forward process. Once the application is submitted, it allows support documents to be attached.

Form 1142i

The PDF file is embedded here by uploading the file using image/IMCE upload feature then select the content type as full html. Include the following lines. This code snippet is included in this blog with the help of which formats the source code

<embed src="/sites/default/files/checklist.pdf" width="550" height="700">