Harping on freedom

Dec 2010

Freedom <---> control <----> responsibility

Is freedom something that we feel that we have no control over or its just that to keep something to everything under our own control instead of someone else doing it for us.
One must have read and heard a lot about freedom that one is entitled to. This version of freedom defined  is by me and I feel that if this is what is followed, the mammalian species (namely human) will be better mammals than other species.
Even now most of them aren't really aware of whats  happening around them.....
Freedom - self restrained, serenity.
How much of freedom does one wants?
In fact this race is so not ready to accept the mere fact that they want to be grazed like animals hence no need for freedom - escapism from responsibility (which is constricting in nature). They need to be told what to do and what not because they have lost their own decision making capability which is infact what the so called authoritarians want because it will be easier for them to graze the race like cows - they controlling us rather than we using our rational thinking.

F/LOSS very much stresses on freedom/Libre and to be frank there aren't much takers for such a motion. Personal experience does indicate that most don't like freedom or the freedom for them is much about commercial aspect of life(materialistic) which of-course is misinterpreted.
This is the time when I really started noticing the effects of MKG(yep ... got it right I am talking about Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi) and why he was called Mahatama. One question that always comes to mind is how hard it would have been for him to make the nation realise that it(nation) is in-fact the slave of English rule and above all the the ahimsa movement that was and still is a standout. Its a different matter that the same nation is in the clutches of other form of slavery now a days.

Freedom doesn't mean that one has freedom to act irresponsibly. It is acting responsibly in a self realized way. Self realization is of utmost importance if "Freedom" has to be understood. "True Freedom believers" are those  who are self-restrictive in nature and realize all by themselves that freedom is synonymous to responsibility.

Reason (why people don't like to hold themselves responsible)
Freedom is all about control, control i.e in the hands of oneself than someone else controlling others. With control, responsibility is another important derivative . self restraining is a form of self control which is very much essential in freedom.
Most don't like to take responsibility for ones own action or be responsible.
Most of us like things to be simple and when any complex scenario is encountered like to blame(a form of escapism) it on others(others include GOD). why don't they take the responsibility themselves for what they are doing or what has happened to them.