Trip/Migration/Expat to land A

Apr 2015

On 5th Mar 2015 after Attugal pongala, took singapore Airlines(silkair) from Terminal 2 International airport Trivandrum at 22:45HRS to Changi Airport (Terminal 3) before hand took a printout of the changi Airport layout just to see how things roll there(as suggested by PN). There are skytrains as well as shuttle bus available to traverse from one terminal to another terminal.
Have packed few computer components in cabin as well as checkin baggage. Had to open it up during X-ray scanning as well as during security check in TVM Airport.

At the time of boarding the connecting flight to Syd, had to fill in the Immigiration form/Incomming Passenger card + Travel history which was mainly for ebola related condition.

Flight details
TVM to SYD:- 13HRS 45 Min
SQ5491(operated by MI491) Duration 4HRS 30MIN
connection time:- 1HR 20MIn
SQ241 Duration:- 7HR 55Min
Checked in online
In the SYD airport( Kingsford-Smith Airport) because I was carrying a shoe(soil related entry had been marked in the immigration form) had to go to the quarantine section.. other than a scanning the baggage nothing else happened.
Checked Baggage receipt at the time of checking in + Boarding pass ----> security check
At the time of Boarding the flight listen to the announcement which is very unlike boarding trains and buses in flights.
Initially its for old, disabled and parents with kids then based on range of seat no., passengers are allowed to board so as to dissaude crowding in and to promote comfortable boarding.

# Getting Rental house
The New south wales(NSW) rental aggrements are an elaborate process where initially wannabe tenant inspect the house, then those interested submit the documents
- Proof of Identity(Passport copy)
- Proof of Income (ability to meet rental payment)
- Proof that you will make a good tenant (references needed)
Based on owners liking the house is given for rent. Then an agreement is signed - sample agreement is given below.

For settling in various souls lend their helping hand, whos name is being mentioned here(no consent obtained)
Meena Amma, Ambi Amma, Champa aunty, Savinder Amma(Garden), Neetu Massi, Kirit Kaka, Shiva Maharaj, Sanjoy Dada, Sree, Padmini, Ashid Babu and many others.

One of the notable interface is the power socket (put the image)

Public trasports here are an expensive affair
petrol prices in sydney, NSW