DIY - Family - Partner visa - Offshore temporary and permanent - Subclass 309/100 - Stage 1*

Feb 2015

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Pre-grant process Logged here

Stage 2(subclass 100) - Grant logged here

Subclass 100 (Permanent)
Subclass 309 (Provisional / temporary ) - based on assessment of relationship for 2 years subclass 100/permanent visa will be granted.

Any new area of concern requires a bit/lot of 'know how/what', which now a days is made accessible in the form of publicly published info in the concerned portal. Booklets are also available in pdf format(1127.pdf - Partner Migration)

Various ways of lodging the application wasn't making the matter simpler
1. Paper submission
    a) thru vfs global(are like the courier agents for such purpose)
    b) directly posting the application and check listed documents to AHC(Australian high commission, New Delhi) - done previously for visitor visa
2. online submission (

What forms and the required document list is mentioned in the document checklist 
This Checklist is specifically for Indian applicant(Checklist Partner 309.100 - INDIA August 2012.pdf)

Documents specific to the applicant of subclass 309/100
Documents specific to the sponsor (Form 40SP + others)

1. Form 47SP  - Application for Migration to Australia by a partner
2. Payment of fee
3. Notarized copies of current passport/travel document.
4. Certified copy(need not be notarized) by gazetted officer of your birth certificate
5. Form 888 - Statutory Declaration by a supporting witness ( to be completed by two witnesses).
6. Form 80 - character assessment form
7. Colored certfied copy of police clearance certificate
8. Certified copy of marriage certificate
Various other evidences of the existing relationship

Processing standard adopted by DIBP(Department of Immigration and Border Protection )

The immi portal indicated the approximate processing time and priority given for partner visa.

It was quite assuring to see the different stages of processing, which included the approximate time taken
- lodging the application with all the needed documents (applicant's activity)
- Application is being allocated to the case officer within 9months from the time of lodgement.
    if the application is lodged
        a) we (as in CO ) determine whether health examination is required
        b) we provide you a HAP ID and request that you undergo health examination
    if the application is not yet lodged
        a) you (as in applicant) lodge your My Health Declarations form online
        b) We determine whether health examination are required.
- assessment of application by case officer  - requested for any additional information if needed
- If required confirmation call/interview will be held phonically
- Grant of visa once the decision is made

Actual unfolding of events

- DOL (Date of Lodging) : 14th Jan 2014
- Waited for more than 9 months, no mail/call from the AHC(Australian High Commission, New Delhi). It was also mentioned in site that CO should not be contacted with enquiries but when your application has gone beyond the prescribed/advertised processing time then do contact the AHC.

Click on the thumbnail to view the screenshot/images

- We haven't be intimated by any means whether CO has been allotted or not, so Priya enquired(email) on 5th Oct 2014 To:

there was no response
- On 4th Nov 2014 I tried different mail id with the same content with updated subject line (Enquiries after you have lodged an application - ensure that you mention your file reference number or passport number in all correspondence with the visa office)

to which an auto-response was generated and

in 3 days they responded


- We thought case officer will be contacting us any time soon, but to our dismay it never happened.
- On 23rd Jan 2015 Priya joined which revealed that march applications were being processed by AHC. It was observed by the forum members that the paper applications were being processed bit earlier than the online applications. She contacted(Telephone) the AHC on
+91 11 41221000 then 1 & 2 in continuation without listening to automated machine(this was specified in expatforum)(keep the applicants passport no ready). They forwarded the call to our CO, the CO then asked us why we haven't done our medical test(according processing standard, we already lodged the application so we had to be given HAP ID by CO - as per the instruction in the immi portal )


and have to upload the coloured certified copy of PCC, it was previously uploaded(the original PCC) but validiy is only for 12 months. Mail request was send to me asking for additional documents + Health examination

- PCC was issued on 27/01/2015 got it attested and uploaded on 29/01/2015 ; Visa Medical examination at KIMS was carried out on 28/01/2015
  carry the e-medical referral letter and passport with you. The health case was submitted  to DIBP on 30/01/2015




- After 4 to 5 days she contacted the AHC to which they said its been processed so waited for few more days.
- On 13 Feb she again contacted AHC to which the CO said that she is waiting for clarification regarding non migrating family members medical test. She told her that she will get back to Priya. She did contact her that day conveying the msg that that's not an issue at all and asked her few questions, on the same day she contacted me and asked few questions
Questions which roughly translates to
* At what time did your parents start looking for bride
* How you found your partner
* will you be able to move your librelab related work to sydney
* what Bachelor degree did I do - to priya
* why she ???

Date of Grant (DoG):- 13 Feb 2015

Immigration Medical Examination/Visa Medicals

Required Documents
- Referral letter
- Passport copy + Original Passport
- Passport size photo

Appointment time:- 9:00AM
9th Floor - Room No. 938

Outside Australia - India - Kerala -
KIMS (paneled hospital)
Medical and Radiology Examination
PB No 1,

Subjected to
- Blood sample
- Urine sample
- Height/weight
- Vision
- X-ray chest
- Doctor consultation
********** attach the scanned bill/token of KIMS *************

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