Unique concept of life becoming a reality with the help of Technology

Dec 2013

Concept:- abstract idea; general notion
Abstract:- existing in theory rather than practice; not concrete

Various titles proposed

concept becoming concrete
Life and Technology in Harmony
Mysterious divine intervension – Discovery of what one adores
Technology involved in soulmate searching

Alert/Attn/Info: This is not for faint hearted or for those who crave for material existence/pleasure or is not intended for those who rely on instant gratification. The blog is scripted by the one who is a keen observer of life and like to make amendments to the blind following in the name of tradition.
It is almost as if the life of the web logger is expressed openly with the intention of keeping a log of how distinct the events were (or) choices were made (or) path taken.

Life – Path less trodden
Most of the time, humans forget that they have the choice of doing what they feel is right and will be harmonious. For doing so one has to have their own thoughts/think on their own.  It may seem like being snooby because of one's own thinking, there might be very definite taste, likes and dislikes.
Some of the reason's why most humans don't think of choice is

  • obviously most humans don't like to think
  • don't want to take risk
  • always opt for something that is easy
  • always want an instant solution
  • always have the herd mentality

Choice is not just about doing anything for material gain. It's rather all about what beliefs one has and following it regardless of material gain.

Choice - leading to harmony
Union of two individuals is predefined in the form of marriage(indian subcontinent) which takes into consideration how/what the elders have comprehended so far (Note: here the individuals are expected to be non Indieminded) as well as the horoscope/jadagam which is a reference material for the individuals nature(behavioral pattern, thinking pattern) based on which marriage is carried out.

This becomes confining and constricting when such notion/standard is applied universally to all without knowing what preference/mindset/specification an individual is having, (its as if one size fits all (or) what works for you will work for me philosophy is adopted).
If at all those recommending marriage based on jadagam were to be blindly followed then there shouldn't be disharmony in most of the Hindu marriages conducted until now, which with heart felt sadness have to say that its not the case. Union of two individuals is more than what a jadagam can express. It is all about taking effort in understanding each other.
One of the important question that comes to mind is how can two strange individuals understand each other (without jadagam)
There are different modes of closing that gap

  • thru the journals each has written and published
  • his/her take about life which has been published, which is not intended to impress the opposite side, but to express oneself clearly.
  • by chatting (text/video) – again to be yourself than to try to fit to the opposite sides expectations
  • exchanging mail – to add more clarity which couldn't be revealed in oral converstaions

any other way is always welcome
Marriage loses its significance when it is considered only as a tool to

  • enforce on an individual because everyone is doing it
  • enforce upon an individual for the perpetuation of species
  • blindly follow the jadagam without even considering what's in the mind of a person
  • play with the emotions/phycology of an individual

How all of these started?
Traits of Rp: Most of the activities/work(librelab.org) is done by being indoor and required more to do with writing, reading, musing and less to do with use of indriyani(senses). In short, activities which required taciturn disposition.

It was made certain(resigned to the predominant norm) that a person was measured/evaluated in-terms of material possessions rather than what (s)he thinks(inner attributes). The yardstick used looks fine because the material is quantifiable while thinking doesn't always materialize or is quantifiable.
Telling anyone to go thru what one thinks is as hard as telling anyone to believe in supreme without going to temple with all the odds stacked. It was certain that any course of action instead of acting as an enticer will act as a repellent.

Getting close to any person based purely on material existence was one of the most despicable act that the incumbent hated to follow. This among the population who were more involved in perpetuating such obnoxious trend.

Obvious question(s) that needed answering

  • How to quantify/measure the intrinsic drive?
  • How does one quantify “what you are”?
  •     Quantifying “what you have ” is simple
  • What is an individual from inside/what is the inner self of a person?
  • How one understands the inner self of other person (hard/easy)?
  • How to express the inner self?

The only answer to the above question is to get involved in the activities/work based on the individual disposition which along with one's own take on what can be done to improve the current situation. Its not a hard written rule for instant gratification or gratification at all. Its more about believing and doing the right thing(not necessarily materialistic in nature) and backing yourself.

A person can easily be understood based on the effort and inclination that the person puts on understanding others.

Why this concept was unique?

  • Because it was scripted without knowing the existence of such soul.
  • Because it was not inspired by material existence.
  • Because it was kept alive(intact with firm conviction) without compromising what one firmly believed in.
  • This relied on understanding what a person thinks about life and Technology( it is not possible for every person to understand what has been written which is completely a subjective perspective.)
  • It did not rely on impressing/enticing others rather it was meant to deimpress oneself( going against the saying “first impression is the best impression”)
  • One of the most important lesson learnt when working on the concept of creating a workplace(librelab.org) was not to fall prey to the prestige issue(egotism) or follow blindly what others are doing/don't think differently.

                       This kind of thinking lead to
                             -  once the thinking(+ve as well as -ve) have been accessed no need for jadagam(negation of                                                       herd menatlity)
                              - Do away with shallow beliefs like(moderation)
                                                 - dowry system(negating herd mentality, prestige issue)
                                                 - Big Fat marriages are conducted to keep the false merit metric of prestige(keep the opinion                                                    of the rest of the world)(negating herd mentality + prestige issue)
                                   which also includes competitive dressing, showcasing jewellery and gossip.

Whatever was in the incumbents control had been done away with.

Intersting/Mysterious facts about the events

  • the profile statement written was never approved by elders as it was way too long and expressed in ways others won't understand(as put by elders).
  • Contrary to their belief it did play its part and some thinkers(counterparts) did respond.
  • It was in one months time that the right soul mate was gifted
  • It was the first ever mail sent to my soul mate who expressed interest(among others) in that matrimonial.
  • The first mail directed the partner at a digital abode where nothing nice about the incumbent have been written,  as can be seen in gnumen.org and librelab.org
  •  Out of the few profiles which expressed interest her profile was selected purely based on the simple/down to earth images that was uploaded and the few customized line in the interest expressed.
  • Felt at home after knowing that she had inclination towards vedas, BG, works with Unix variant, knows rashtra bhasha.
  • Told the partner that my kind of work is more about investing time, life and everything to see it materialize or sustain itself which until now has not happened.
  • “The stage has come where both(life and technology) are merged in such a way that one cannot live without other.” this stmt from the gnumen.org/whoami was written way back and made more sense now when the right soulmate was gifted to me using the same technology.

After reading all these the obvious question that comes to mind is - what is the concept the blogger is pointing too. This is all about “Realising that one soul exist who could/would understand others.

**This content was not only proofread but also valuable suggestion(s) were given by Priya, the first ever in this place and will continue for the rest of  the life :)**