Airtel titbits

Sep 2017
Number retention scheme:- Services to the SIM card will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e. no Voice / Video call (Outgoing or Incoming) or an outgoing SMS or a Data session or usage of Value Added Services for a continuous period of 90 days. Customer with more than Rs 20 account balance shall be charged Rs 20 for 30 days for automatic service extension. This process will be repeated till such time the minimum amount in customers account is more than Rs 20. At any point of time, if the balance is less than Rs 20 the services will be disconnected. Customer will not be able to use this number post disconnection. However, the customer can get the same number reactivated within 15 days of disconnection by paying reactivation charge of Rs. 20.
Have Airtel as Mobile network provider(prepaid) for more than 10 years now @ Land I<link to glossary page> which has nation wide coverage . But in Land A<link to glossary page> fews days back lost the network signal(latched on to yes optus) which I thought was the result of the few SMS I received
Translated to english(used google translator)
Airtel mobile number will be linked to Adhar based on the direction of the government. The nearest retailer is approaching for updating Aadhar freely.
Important Alert: Under your Government suggestion, your Airtel mobile connection will be connected. To avoid disconnecting services, visit retailer
This didn't happen before, even when the talktime balance was low. A mail to airtel support was promptly replied.
Airtel online selfservice gives a one stop solution to know your balance incase you don't have network signal + others like the prepaid sim is active or not etc.
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Airtel 3G/4G tariff
EasyRecharge - Tariffs plans that are available in Kerala
Airtel Selfcare