Transfer overseas license to NSW license

Mar 2017

Scheme devised for any new wannabe driver is GLS(Graduated Licensing Scheme)
Scheme devised for Overseas license holder to drive on Land A(NSW) Roads

As soon as you get your Permanent Residency(subclass 100) one of the requirement is you must convert your overseas licence to NSW licence within 3 months. [You can drive as long as you can using overseas licence when  Provisional resident(subclass 309).]
Some “Recognized” countries are exempted from the knowledge test and driving test.
Refer the link to see which all countries are exempted.  
Overseas license holder is required to take certain test mentioned in GLS

Preparation materials

  • Use NSW Road users handbook PDF for DKT [here]
  • Use DKT question question bank pdf for preparation [ here ] as well as practice DKT test given in the rta site
  • Read Guide to the driving test [ here]
  • To get the test officers perception of the test read driving test officers manual [here]

Fees as of today for each test

  • DKT Test fee is 44 AUD each attempt
  • Driving test fee is 55 AUD each attempt

Simple way to book for DKT is using the online service. I had previously created account to pay for car registration(Used NSW photo card id to create one). I didn’t get any time slot on Feb at Ryde center. Using online booking facility will give you the flexibility to choose the date on which you want to take the test only down side is you will have to travel a bit. In my case all the near by centers didn’t have any slots free on Feb. It would be better for you to do your booking months before the test.

Took my DKT test at Miranda service nsw. They booked the next available slot for driving test at Ryde center on Tuesday 28/02/2017 14:45HRS
Once you have booked for the test. Bring the following proofs along with you for each test(DKT and Driving test; May be because of choosing different test centers for different test).


  •  Your overseas licence (eng version)
  • Proof of your identity with residential address (NSW photo card will suffice if you don’t have one, must satisfy list 1 and list 2 stated in RTA1001 form here)
  • Proof of australian permanent residency
  • Complete licence application form RTA1001 [ here]
  • Pass an eye test (Read random alphabets  on display screen)

Your overseas licence must have First issued on date, if that is not shown you might be required to obtain a confirmation  letter from your licence issuing authority.
IN my case my name was misspelt in my overseas licence for which I had AFP  National police certificate indicating that same person has been known as xyz.(This was applied at the time of applying for subclass 100 where different ID proofs had to be given which unfortunately had different names (thanks to land I, for misspelling my name, its gov workers prerogative there) .)
Wanted to go for few mock driving test with ****D driving school which was charging 65$ per hour for taking a simple driving test. Ridiculous

Ultimately decided to practice on my own. Visited the ryde service center where there are designated driving test parking slot. Drove around that area.
Have submitted the driving test route(as far as I could recall - scroll at the end to view the route) is depicted using GPS trace(How to take the trace using It helps to go thru few Hazard perception sample test to know when to slow down and how to be a low risk driver. Was asked to do kerb side stop(<50cm) and a 3 point turn without entering the driveway.

Result of the driving test will be handed over to you [here].
You will be given a paper reciept. This will act as an interim licence for one month or until your new licence arrives(whichever is first).
Unrestricted licence fees
1 year: 56 AUD
3 years: 132 AUD
5 years: 178 AUD
10 years: 330 AUD

Passing your driving test in an automatic vehicle
If you passed your driving test in an automatic or clutchless manual transmission vehicle, you can only drive a manual vehicle as a P1 driver when accompanied and supervised by a full licence holder. If you wish to drive a manual vehicle unaccompanied before you're issued with a P2 licence, you must pass the driving test in a manual vehicle with a foot-operated clutch.

Tips regarding what to look out for while driving is made available by benevolent netizents (Thumbs up). Links given below. Things I took extra care of while giving driving test

  • Look out and act according to the road signs
  • Drive below speed limits
  • At stop sign STOP (don’t creep slowly, as in Give way sign)
  • Indicate all the time
  • Headcheck
  • Kerbside parking (<50cm)
  • Be a low risk driver, by anticipating Hazard. It helps to go thru HPT before driving.
  • Look out for school zones/timing – speed limit 40
  • Crash Avoidance Space
  • T3/T2 zone timing
  • Bus zone

Road Users Handbook

DKT Question bank

Guide to Driving Test

Driving test officers manual

License Application form - RTA1001

Confirmation overseas license details

Myrta online booking screenshots

Result of driving test

Driving License Receipt

Helpful Links

Hazard Perception Test Practice Tests |

How to pass your drivers Test – The secrets
Ryde Service center driver testing parking bays tour

**The drawing tool used to generate the above chart is LibreOffice Draw. Editing the screenshots and other images are done using Gimp