DIY - Visitor visa – tourist stream (visa subclass 600) – offsore/outside australia

May 2014

DIBP - Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Procedures involved in applying for visitor visa are pretty much straight forward and are specified explicitly in the immi portal ( as well as vfs-global indian site ( Initially thought of applying for sponsored partner visa in australia but due to the processing time opted for tourist stream. The immi site recommends sending the needed documents to vfs-global who are the Service delivery partners who will forward the documents to Australian High commission. In Australian High Commission, India site ( it is specified that the documents can be mailed directly to Australian high commission, New Delhi.

The Visa Office
Australian High Commission
1/50G Shantipath
New Delhi 110021

Upon contacting vfs-global <+91 022 67866006> its a mumbai customer care no (the automated response voice is too feeble, it's hard to hear anything at all) for enquiring about what are the benefits of sending it thru vfs like will there be faster processing of the application if send thru vfs (ans was No).

Opted for directly lodge the application to Australian High Commission, New Delhi, lets see how much time it takes to reach the destination - used Professional courier service ( Their tracking service was not responding at all, so had to contact the delhi Professional courier agents.

On 11the Apr they delivered the parcel to Australian High Commission, New Delhi

This was acknowledged by Australian high commssion, New Delhi on 15th April, they also indicated that it will take 15 working days to process the application. To get detailed info on the holidays visit

The fees is calculated as follows

Document checklist

Fill the Form 1419

Demand draft for visa fee payable to Australian High Commission at New Delhi

Notarized copy of

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity Certificate

Police clearence certificate in original

Additional documents enclosed are

  • Wifes invitation letter
  • bank statement
  • marriage certificate
  • attested copies of passport and visa status(should be permanent resident/citizen)

Other contact Information

  • Vedanta center invitation letter
  • Program Itinerary
  • Bank statement

My Information

  • letter of declaration
  • bank statement
  • receipt of partner visa fees

Before mailing the form take photocopy of the filled in application.

In the VFS site it is specified to make use of strong cloth-lining envelope as well as other nitty gritty(if one wants to follow that)

Call from Australian High Commission, Delhi on 1st May - call to confirm

  • Date of Birth
  • Purpose of visit
  • What kind of work will you be doing there - won't be calling it work, rather a self realized act of help. For instance, if all devotees are involved in an act of service to 'the divine', how could be an observer. I will also join in and do what I could, (isn't that humane, in a way it does help in diluting the ego), I believe that's called  Karseva/satsaang
  • What kind of work do you do - IT related published in public domain -
  • When was the marriage
  • Where was the marriage held
  • Was it an arranged marriage
  • In spouse visa have you undergone medical test - Haven't yet been assigned a case officer(CO) so haven't yet undergone medical test.(For this the officer from AHC said if the medical test is being assigned to you now.. don't take it now because it will delay the visitor visa)
  • How long you intend to stay there

Latter on the same day they mailed the visa grant mail consisting of letter as well as visa grant notice.

Take the copy of the mail and keep it with you while travelling(visa label free).