Procuring Broadband connection - Syd version

Apr 2015

After moving out to an independent house one of the rudimentary requirement was to get Braodband connection. There were many options available.
- Naked BB
- ADSL2+ bundled
- cable internet
various others
This also included different providers like optus, telstra, TPG and others. There were quite a lot of other criteria(s) like should we go for a connection with landline, selecting a plan based on how much GB will be consumed in a month, is there a reasonable NBN(fibre optics) connection available, among all others

Finally(based on resonable BB plan/scheme) we decided to go with TPG ADSL2+ unlimited home bundle plan($59.99).

Don't be carried away by the speed mentioned i.e 20Mbps must have observed a small insignificant # on top of it, that is the catch, refering to the # tag down below the page reveils the true picture i.e
"Optimal ADSL2+ speeds require compatible ADSL2+ modem and filters. More than 50% of TPG's ADSL2+ customers obtain connection speeds exceeding 10Mbps. Actual speeds will vary due to many factors including distance from the local telephone exchange, the quality of the customer's copper phone line, cabling and equipment. "
I am getting 8/9/10 Mbps that's working for me

One of the stand out clause was we must agree to the CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE WAIVER.

Their ADSL2+ modem router was charged at 99.99$ which the TPG customer care recommended to buy one of our own(BYO - Bring Your Own).

There were few anomalies at the time of entering the name and address, which got rectified.
The installer established our connection on 30/03/2015

The Unusal Encounter
There was a wall telephone socket in our building, which I haven't seen. Upon asking the Angela amma (house owner) she showed me how the unusual looking socket gets connected to telephone. One of the biggest concern was how are we going to get BB enabled thru that socket which wasn't anywhere near RJ11 type. For that Angela amma got an optus phone with the adaptor that goes into the socket. Upon googling(vedantasydney ashram) found that the socket was called 610 wall socket which needed 605 plug adaptor with rj11/rj12.

Our next task was to decide on an ADSL2+ router/modem and splitter/filter, as usual there were many to chose from
At the time of searching few results came up
Harvay Norman
- D-link wireless N300 ADSL2+ modem router - $56
- D-link Dual band wireless N600 ADSL2+ Modem Router - $138

Umart Online
- TP-link TD-VG 3631 300Mpbs wireless N VOIP ADSL 2+ Modem/Router - $79

PC Case gear
TP-link TD-W8970 300Mbps wireless N gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router - $79

- ADSL2+ inline filter/Splitter - $32.98

- Netcomm wireles EM1550 ADSL splitter and filter - $19
- D-Link DSL - 15MF ADSL2+ Micro filter/Splitter - $19

- TP-Link TD-S201A ADSL2+ splitter/Filter for AU - $7

Jaycar electronics
- ADSL2+ In-line splitter/Filter - $22.95

Harvey Norman
- Belkin ADSL Inline Filter/Splitter - $19.95

- TP-Link ADSL2+ Splitter - $11.70

we decided to buy
TP-Link  300Mbps wireless N USB ADSL 2+ modem router (Model: TD- W8968) - $46 from umart
This included a TP-Link splitter. The link below shows the setting of ADSL modem

At the time of configuring the router, the assistance provided by the tpg website for modem -> other(TP-Link wan't listed)
didn't work just because the format for username and pwd wasn't the one specified in the Generic.pdf
<TPGusername> for Fixed IP plans OR <TPGusername> for Dynamic IP plans (e.g.
Password: Your Password by default is the same as your <TPGusername> however if you have changed your password
since registration time, please use your current TPG password

Correct entry is
Connection type/Encapsulation: PPPoE LLC
Encapsulation: LLC
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Security Protocol: PAP or Auto
username: <TPGusername>
Password: <TPGpassword>