April 2015

Apr 2015

Trip/Migration/Expat to land A

On 5th Mar 2015 after Attugal pongala, took singapore Airlines(silkair) from Terminal 2 International airport Trivandrum at 22:45HRS to Changi Airport (Terminal 3) before hand took a printout of the changi Airport layout just to see how things roll there(as suggested by PN). There are skytrains as well as shuttle bus available to traverse from one terminal to another terminal.
Have packed few computer components in cabin as well as checkin baggage. Had to open it up during X-ray scanning as well as during security check in TVM Airport.

Apr 2015

Procuring Broadband connection - Syd version

After moving out to an independent house one of the rudimentary requirement was to get Braodband connection. There were many options available.
- Naked BB
- ADSL2+ bundled
- cable internet
various others
This also included different providers like optus, telstra, TPG and others. There were quite a lot of other criteria(s) like should we go for a connection with landline, selecting a plan based on how much GB will be consumed in a month, is there a reasonable NBN(fibre optics) connection available, among all others