This place puts forth subjective viewpoint of the subjects perceived aspiration. The compliance of such in the objective scenario is purely based on the limits of one's own field of vision which forms the limits of the world.

A non stop quest which is scribbled down to form a log of observation(life + technology) based on constant tinkering. Feel free to use the medium      **USE FIREFOX**

Progress depends on the seekers level of inquisitiveness. The urge to decouple the aspiration from the mundanity of the world is inevitable == step towards Progress. The progress intended to convince others is shallow and very often is quantified with material existence which is the characteristic of myth followers, superstition perpetuators, hypocrites, sycophants and sense gratifiers while the self directed/self realized/self driven form of progress is based on the conceptual richness of one's own initiative and is not dictated by extrinsic incentives or any other forms of minions/miniscule characteristic mentioned above.

Real progress involves continuous process of evolving into being, in pursuit of absolute truth/ or comprehending the transcendental nature.

With all the above mentioned topic of progress which encompasses both life as well as technology. How one perceives the aspiration takes an impression of its own for both life as well as technology. It is pretty difficult to differentiate whether life influences technology or its the technology that influences life. When the term influence is used it is simply more than the slavery that very many technology enforces, it is rather the kind of the freedom (synonymous to responsibility) that any self driven individual/group enlist to pursue which only some the technology endows(F/LOSS is one such arena).